Arnold van Kreveld

Strategist, research scientist, marketing expert and process manager

Arnold is a biologist, He combines thorough analysis with a vision firmly fixed on solutions. What are the problems? Where are the opportunities? And how can we exploit it?

Arnold worked for 15 years for the World Wide Fund for Nature Netherlands, for 10 of which he was Head of the Forest Programme. In 2004 he decided to gain experience in the business world, working for five years part-time as Head Marketing, Sustainability & Strategy at the timber merchants Precious Woods Europe.

Since 2004 Arnold is freelance consultant to ngo's, businesses and governments. That year he also started as senior advisor for Bureau Stroming. In 2010 he became guest lecturer at the Erasmus School of Accounting & Assurance, in 2011 coordinator of the editorial team of the Natuurbeelden Foundation and since April 2017 he is coordinator of the Stichting Tijdelijke Natuur.

Ingrid Roerhorst

Specializes in research, analysis and clear reporting.

What is the core issue? How can it be communicated and presented as clearly as possible? These are the central questions in Ingrid’s work. When writing reports and brochures she always has her target group sharply in focus.

In the late 1980s Ingrid was working in business, after which she spent nine years with The Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment. Since 2000 she has been working freelance as a consultant for ngo's, businesses and governments.